The image exudes warmth and approachability, with a timeless, classic feel. The Matt Cherry's open smile and direct gaze create a friendly, inviting atmosphere. The minimalist background and soft lighting enhance his genuine, relatable presence.

Matt Cherry

Director of Philanthropy

During three decades building movements for social change, Matt Cherry learned the power of philanthropy to multiply the impact of all the talent, passion, and hard work within civil society.

Matt spent 13 years as an executive director in the humanist movement and served three terms as president of the United Nations NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief. In 2013, Matt moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to become executive director of Death Penalty Focus. There, he raised more than $7 million for a ballot initiative to abolish the death penalty in California.

While working at the UN to protect the fundamental right to communicate, Matt’s twin daughters were diagnosed with Autism. His work for Ability Central helps provide the practical support that many people, including his daughters, need to realize their right to express themselves.

Matt has spoken at hundreds of meetings; interviewed extensively for print, radio, and TV; and his writings have appeared all over the world, including in The Guardian, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Washington Post. He is the co-author of four books, including an Amazon bestseller.