About us

Welcome to the California Communications Access Foundation (CCAF)

CCAF is a non-profit corporation that specializes in improving access to telecommunications services for people with disabilities and other traditionally underserved populations.

Our Mission

CCAF's mission is to serve as an educator, convener, and resource that works collaboratively to ensure communications access for people with disabilities in California.

CCAF is governed by a Board of Directors with first-hand experience with people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing and disabled. The Board of Directors has deep ties to the communities served by CCAF and broad knowledge in the telecommunications needs of these communities.

How We Fulfill our Mission

CCAF manages and operates the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) for the California Public Utilities Commission. The DDTP provides free specialized telecommunications equipment to anyone in California unable to use a standard telephone.

CCAF has also established the Disability Communications Fund (DCF) to award grants to community-based nonprofit organizations in California who establish projects and programs designed to improve existing technology that will make spoken, written or signed communication easier for people with disabilities. The technology can be "high tech" or "low tech" or anything in between, provided that it allows greater access to spoken, written or signed communications for a group or groups of people with disabilities, including people who are seniors.